Exploring the Montessori School of Tokyo’s Teaching Methodology

The Montessori schools of Tokyo are renowned educational establishments that provide young learners with a unique and creative method of instruction. Based on the teachings of Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, these schools use an innovative approach to learning. Her methodology focuses on developing a learning environment that supports the child’s innate curiosity, enabling them to explore and discover their surroundings.

Montessori schools extend this idea by combining several creative teaching approaches and strategies to improve children’s learning experiences given below.

  • Play-Based Learning Approach: It encourages the children’s curiosity and fundamental skills. The focus is on supporting children’s growth, providing a thorough early childhood education curriculum, and designing learning experiences tailored to their interests. Through a play-based education strategy, schools encourage children’s natural desire for learning, which aids in developing vital physical, cognitive, emotional, and social abilities through age-appropriate activities.
  • Natural Learning Approach: This strategy promotes individual learning styles and exploration. The Montessori method used in Tokyo is centred on natural learning and encourages kids to manipulate, touch, discover, and test their environment to learn more about it. As a result, children develop their ability to collaborate, communicate with others, and solve problems through play. This approach encourages kids’ inherent curiosity while letting them study at their own pace and in their way. This strategy differs from the conventional one of spoon-feeding information to kids.
  • Bilingual Learning Approach: The bilingual program is another feature of Montessori schools in Tokyo. Students pick up English the same way they pick up their native languages, giving them an advantage in speaking, writing, listening, and reading the second language. 
  • Real-World Learning Approach: Tokyo’s Montessori Schools also provide real-world education, mainly project-based learning. It encourages children to become active learners, forms positive learning habits, and establishes connections to the outside world. The school’s cutting-edge curriculum supports students in becoming global citizens by encouraging creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking—crucial skills in today’s society.
  • Comprehensive STEM Education: Furthermore, these schools provide a complete STEM curriculum, which includes science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and arts, assisting students in developing a solid foundation for future study. Tokyo Montessori School teachers treat children according to their personality and growth style. They employ various innovative teaching strategies to accommodate all learning types of children while appreciating their 



Tokyo’s Montessori Schools offer students an excellent and cutting-edge method of instruction that includes, among other things, a thorough early childhood teaching program, individualised education, practical learning, etc. It is an excellent option for parents who want their children to learn essential skills and become well-rounded. The Montessori approach in Tokyo allows children to learn organically, stimulates their creativity, encourages them to pursue their interests, and prepares them to be global citizens. 

If you are an ex-pat in Tokyo and looking for elementary or class 6 admission, Montessori schools are the perfect choice for your kids.

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